Register Of Bermuda Rhodes Scholars


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1904 COX, Henry Conyers (Bermuda and Exeter) .b. 1 Nov. 1881. Educ. Various Schs. and Private Coaching; Exeter 1904-08, Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1908, M.A. 1911. Study of Law and Teaching 1908-13. Called to the Bar, England 1911. Sch. Inspector, Bermuda 1913-16. Headmaster, Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1916-35. Died 18 June 1935.

1905 MOTYER, Arthur John (Bermuda and Christ Church) .b. 2 Sept. 1886. Educ. Mt. Allison Univ., N.B. B.A.; Christ Church 1905-8, Physics B.A. 2nd Cl. 1908. Lt., Can. F.A.; France 1914-16. Mt. Allison and McGill Univs. (Engrg.) 1908-11. Can. Westinghouse Co., Hamilton, Ontario 1911-14. Killed in action 15 Sept. 1916.

1906 EARDLEY-SMITH, Frederick (Bermuda and Worcester) .b. 31 Aug. 1884. Educ. Hortonville, Nova Scotia: Private Coaching; called to the Bar, England 1906; Worcester 1906-09, Jurispr. B.A. 2nd Cl. 1909. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1910-33. Also Mem. of Legislative Assembly and Planter. Died 24 Feb. 1933.

1907 GILBERT, (The Hon.) Sir Joseph Trounsell (Bermuda and Brasenose) .b. 30 Aug. 1888. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bedford Sch, England; Brasenose 1907-10, Jurispr. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1911. Private tutor 1910-11. Called to the Bar, England 1914. Govt. Serv., Zanzibar 1912-33 (under Foreign Serv. 1912-14; under Colonial Office 1914-33). Invalided 1933. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1935-7. Attorney-Gen., Bermuda 1938-52. Mem., Exec. Council and Legisl. Council. Chief Justice, Bermuda 1952-8. Retired 1958. M.B.E. 1927. O.B.E. 1933. C.B.E. 1949. K.C. 1949. Kt. 1955. m. 1939 Frances Evelyn Steen. Died 23 Jan. 1975.

1908 WADDINGTON, Thomas Thelwall (Bermuda and Exeter) .b. 4 Dec. 1888 Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England; Exeter 1908-11, Read Hist. Business, Java and Straits Settlements 1911-14. Capt., R. West Kent Regt; France 1914-18. M.C. Instr., R.M.C., Camberley 1918-20. Business, London, England 1921-39. Brigadier, Commanding 132 Inf. Bde. 1939. Comdr., Mersey Sub-District, Liverpool 1944. Chief of Norwegian Mission, U.N.R.A.A. 1944. Chief of U.N.R.A.A., M.E. Office, Cairo, Egypt 1945- m. 1922 Norah Brooke: I s. I d. Died 26 Oct. 1958.

1909 WADDINGTON, Sir (Eubule) John (Bermuda and Merton) .b. 9 Apr. 1890. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England; Merton (Open Maths. Scholar) 1909-13, Hon. Mods. (Maths.), 2nd Cl. Maths. (F.H.S.), 2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. Admin. Service, Kenya 1914-32, Colonial Sec.. Bermuda 1932-5; British Guiana 1935-8. Governor and C. in-C.: Barbados 1938-41; N. Rhodesia 1941-7. Retired 1948. O.B.E. 1920. C.M.G. 1935. K.C.M.G. 1939. K.C.V.O. 1947. G.B.E. 1948. m 1923 Edith Agnes Galloway: 2 s. Died 18 Jan. 1957.

1910 ROBERTSON, William Cleland (Bermuda and Brasenose) .b. 30 May 1890. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; George Watson's Coll., Edinburgh; Brasenose 1910-13, Jurispr. B.A. 4th Cl. 1919; Athletic Sports v. Camb. 1912-13. Lt., Rhod. Regt., E. Africa and K.R.R.C.; France 1915- 18. Civil Service, S. Rhodesia 1913-48. Sec. to the Governor of Rhodesia 1925. Asst. Magistrate 1932. Magistrate 1936. Sec., Office of High Comsner. for S. Rhodesia in London 1941. Sec. to the P.M. and to Cabinet 1945. Retired 1948. m. 1919 Frances Dorothy Parkes Dickson: I s. I d. Died 26 June 1966.

1911 TRIMINGHAM, Harold Gilbert Lutyens (Bermuda and Exeter). b. 23 June 1892. s. of Joseph S. Trimingham. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England 1909-10; Exeter 1911-14, Pass Schools. B.A. 1914, M.A. 1918. Capt., Queen's Westminster Rifles and Tank Corps; France 1914-19. Royal Trust Co. Montreal, Canada 1920-3; London, England 1926-31; Bermuda 1923-6 and 1932-. Colonial Auditor, Govt. of Bermuda. 1943-52. Retired. m. 1917 Adelaide Gladys Trott. P.O. Box 331, Hamilton, Bermuda.

1912 SMITH, Sir Allan Chalmers (The Hon. Mr. Justice) (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 22 Feb. 1893. s. of Allan Frith Smith. Educ. Warwick Acad. 1910-12; Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1912-14 and 1919-20, Read Law, B.A. (War) 1919; Called to the Bar, England 1920. A/Capt., 1st K.E.H. and R.F.A.; France, Italy 1914-19. M.C., D. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1920-8. Police Magistrate, Bermuda 1928-34. M.P. (Paget Parish), Bermuda 1930-4. Colonial Legal Service 1935-68: Police Magistrate, Nigeria 1935-8; Judge, Supreme Court, Trinidad 1938-44; Puisne Judge, Gold Coast 1944-50; Acting Chief Justice, Gold Coast 1948-50; Chief Justice, Sierra Leone 1951-5; Assoc. Justice, Supreme Court of Bermuda 1955-8. Retired 1968. Kt. 1953. m. 1920 Elsie Joyce Martin: 3 s. 3 d. Died.

1913 GILBERT, Charles Gray Gosling (Bermuda and Brasenose) .b. 27 Nov. 1893. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England; Brasenose 1913-15, Read Law. B.A. (War) 1920. A/Maj., R. West Kent Regt. and M.G.C.; France, Belgium 1915-19. M.C. Inland Revenue Dept., England 1921-4. Dir. of Educ., Bermuda 1924-56. in charge of Cable Censorship, Bermuda 1939-45. Retired 1956. O.B.E. 1951. m. 1918 Marjorie Helen Stanford: 3 s. Lower Apartment, Highwood, Paget 6-17, Bermuda.

1914 SMITH, Donald Christopher (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 1 July 1894. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1914, 1919-21, Jurispr. (shortened) B.A. Red Cross, Serbia and LT. R.F.A.; France 1915-19. Called to Bar, England 1921. Practice of Law Bermuda 1921-75. Mem. of Law. House of Assembly for 20 years in Bermuda. m. 1923 Hellen Chalmers Dawson Robertson: 1 s. 3 d. Died 1980.

1915 LIGHTBOURN, Robert (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 2 Nov. 1894. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda, Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1915 (Mich. Term). A/Capt., Gloucester Regt.; France, Belgium 1915-17. Killed in action 26 July 1917.

1916 GODET, L. De G. (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 10 Dec. 1896. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; Accepted by St. John's. Did not come into residence. Lt., R.F.C. and R.F.A.; France 1916-18. Killed in action 1 June 1918.

1917 BUTTERFIELD, Sir Harry Durham (Bermuda and University). b. 1 Sept. 1898. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; McGill Univ., Montreal; Univ. 1919-22, Jurispr. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1921. Called to the Bar, England 1922. Lt., Can. Siege Arty.; C.E. (Signals); France, Belgium 1916-19. M.S.M. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1922-3. Mgr., Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son, Ltd. 1923-. Mem. of Colonial Parliament 1938 and 1946. Attended Empire Parliamentary Conf., Ottawa, as representing House of Assembly 1943. Chmn., various Govt. Bds. 1923-. Controller A.R.P., Bermuda 1943, and Chmm., War-time Supplies Comsn. 1945. Mem., H.M. Exec. Council of Bermuda 1948-57. Chmn., Bermuda Bd. of Health 1948. Mem., H.M. Legisl. Council 1957-. Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son: Mng. Dir. 1964; Hon. Chmn. 1971. Retired 1973. C.B.E. 1952. Knighted 1963. m. 1925 Florence Blair Heywood: 3 s. Died 21 May 1976.

1918 GODET, Henry Martin (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 17 Nov. 1897. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England; St. John's 1919 (H.T.)-1921 and 1922 (T.T.), Read Law. Gnr., Artists' Rifles and R.F.A. 1917-19. Law Student 1922-5. Called to the Bar, England 1925. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1925-34. Eastern Distr., Bermuda: Magistrate, 1934-; Snr. Magistrate 1948-. Mem., Mil. Serv. Bd. and Exemption Tribunal, Bermuda 1940-5. Retired 1957. Chmn., Appeal Tribunal, Bldg. and Land Develop. Control 1955. O.B.E. 1958. m. 1923 Phyllis Eldora Scott-LeGallais: 1 S. Died March 1964.



1921 TALBOT, Charles Harry Vincent (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 6 Jan. 1902. s. of J.D.B. Talbot, Sec. Treas., Corpn. of City of Hamilton, Bermuda. Educ. Bermuda H.S.; Slatus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Dulwich Coll., England; St. John's 1921-4, Read Maths. Prevented by illness from taking Schools. Maths. Master, Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1924-5. Colonial Civil Serv. 1925-42: Asst. Colonial Sec., Bermuda 1937-40; Capt. and Adjt., Bermuda Local Forces 1939-40. Colonial Sec., Grenada, B.W.I. 1940-2. Invalided 1942. Mgr., King Edward VII Mem. Hosp., Bermuda 1944-69. m. 1935 Anne Tindale: 1 s. 2 d. Alton Hill, Southampton 8, Bermuda.

1922 STAMERS SMITH, Henry Arthur (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 27 Feb. 1902. s. of A.F. Smith Receiver Gen. of Bermuda. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1922-5, Engineering B.A. 4th Cl. 1925, M.A. 1935; Trinity Coll., Camb. 1925-6. Spl. duty, Censorship, I.O. 1939-42. Lt. Col. (and subsequently w. civil status), Asst. Dir. of Survey, Ceylon Army Command 1942. F.R.I.C.S., F.G.S. Ceylon 1926-47; Asst. 1926-36; Superintendent of Surveys 1937-47. Dir. of Surveys, Kenya 1947. Inspector Gen. of Surveys, Survey Dept., Nigeria 1954-7. Dir of Surveys, Federation of Nigeria 1957. Asst. Dir. (Air), Directorate of Overseas Surveys, Surrey 1958-61. F.G.S. 1947, C.B.E. 1958. Publ. Technical Instructions, 1940. m. 1. 1935 Eunoe Thompson (marriage dissolved): 2 s. 1 d. 2. 2. 1970 Eileen Fairey: 8 Manor Close, Old Woodstock, Oxon., England.

1923 HARVEY, Eugenius (Bermuda and Merton). b. 7 Apr. 1904. s. of E. Harvey. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bromsgrove Sch., England; Merton 1923-7, Physiol. B.A. 2nd Cl. 1927, M.A. and B.M., B. Ch. 1930; M.R.C.S.; L.R.C.P. Middlesex Hosp., London, England 1926-31. Med. Practice, Hamilton, Bermuda 1931-. m. 1933 Dorothy H. Dixon: 1 d. 1 d. Died 23 May 1951.

1924 FRITH, Alexander Josiah (Bermuda and Merton). b. 11 Oct. 1904. s. of A. H. Frith, dentist. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; Merton 1924-7, Jurispr. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1927. Business, England, U.S.A. and Bermuda 1927-. Real Estate Develop. 1938-69. Retired. m. 1936 Mary Eleanor Hefferan: 3 s. 1 d. Prudens Point, Salt Kettle House, Paget, Bermuda.

1925 TATEM, George Samuel Clarke (Bermuda and Wadham). b. 9 Dec. 1905. s. of G.B. Tatem. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bromsgrove Sch., England; Wadham 1925-8, Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1928. Teaching: Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1928-31 and 1934-6; Lenox Sch., Massachusetts, U.S.A. 1931-4. Banking, Bermuda 1936-9. House of Assembly, Bermuda 1939-: Asst. Clerk 1939-41; Clerk 1941-. Asst. Sec., Corpn. of Hamilton, Bermuda 1942-3. Retired 1971. m. 1955 Mrs. Vina Baruden Fry. P.O. Box 82, Hamilton, Bermuda.

1926 SMITH, Thomas Christopher (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 30 Apr. 1906. s. of A.F. Smith Receiver-Gen. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1926-7, Read Law. Resigned Scholp. Accountant, Montreal, Canada and later, Bermuda 1928-. m. 1931 Joan Isabel Martin. Address not known.

1927 HALLETT, Henry Joseph (Bermuda and Trinity). b. 4 June 1908. s. of H.H. Hallett, Colonial Surveyor of Bermuda. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bromsgrove Sch., England; Trinity 1927-31, Pass Schools, B.A. 1930, M.A. 1934. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1931-54: Sen. Master 1937; Headmaster 1948-54. Office Supervisor, Dept. of Educ. 1954-73. Bank of Bermuda, Hamilton 1974-8. Retired 1978. m. 1933 Lilian Cocker: 1 s. 1 d. Died.

1928 ROBINSON, George Reginald Gray (Bermuda and Merton). b. 28 Mar. 1909. s. of R.G. Robinson Pay-Comdr., R.N. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bromsgrove Sch., England; Merton 1928-9, Read Jurispr. Teaching Essex, England 1929-32. Banking, The Bank of Bermuda 1932-73: Asst. Trust Officer 1945-54; Sec. 1962-73. Retired 1973. P.O. Box 127, Paget 6, Bermuda.

1929 TALBOT, John Archibald (Bermuda and Trinity). b. 19 Sept. 1909. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; Trinity 1929-32, Read Hist. Died. Feb. 1936.


1931 DICKINSON, Howard James Llewellyn (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 4 Dec. 1911, Bermuda. s. of C.S. Dickinson, Clerk. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Bromsgrove Sch., England; St. John's 1931-4, Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1934, B.M., B. CH 1937. Flt. Lt., R.A.F. Med. Service; England, N. Africa, Italy, Bahamas 1942-5. Post-grad. student in Psychiatry, Dalhousie Univ. 1965-6. Institute of Psychiatry, London University 1966-68. Diploma in Psychological Medicine 1967. Obtained M.R.C. Psych. (Mem. Royal College of Psychiatrists). Practiced psychiatry Bermuda 1968-78. Retired 1978. m. 1939 Irene Annie Berry: 1 s. 1 d. Clonmel, Somerset Bridge, Bermuda.

1932 SMITH, Archibald Notman (Bermuda and Christ Church). b. 25 Dec. 1910. s. of A.F. Smith, civil servant. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda; Univ. of Edinburgh, M.A.; Christ church 1932-5, English Lang. and Lit. B.A. 2nd Cl. 1935, Dipl. Educ. 1946, M.A. 1946. Lt., Pioneer Corps, M.E.F. 1940-6. Teaching, Govt. Secondary Sch., Egypt 1935-40. English Master, Nunthorpe Gr. Sch., York, England 1946-72. Lect., Bermuda Coll. 1972-. m. 1937 Elizabeth Margaret Thornber: 1 s. 1 d. Rosemount, P.O. Box 150, Paget West, Bermuda.

1933 SPURLING, Sir (Arthur) Dudley (Bermuda and Trinity). b. 9 Nov. 1913. s. of Sir (Salisbury) Stanley Spurling Kt. Educ. St. George's Gr. Sch. and Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; Trinity 1933-6, Law Mods. 1934, Jurispr. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1936; Water Sports v. Camb. 1934-6; Greyhounds XV 1933-6; Vincents. Law Student, London, England 1936-7; Called to the Bar, England 1937. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1938-. Sen. Partner Appleby, Spurling & Kempe 1948-. Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps 1939-43 Reserve 1943-5. Aide-de-Camp to Governor of Bermuda 1942-3. Mem. House of Assembly 1943-76. Chmn. Bd. of Trade, Bermuda, 1944-6; Board of Immigration 1946-57; Bd. of Public Works 1957-63. Deputy Chmn. of Bermuda Council of Social Welfare 1943-8. Chmn.; Civil Service Cttee of House of Assembly, Bermuda 1948-52; Bd. of Educ. 1963-8. Min. of Educ. 1968-9. Mem. of Exec. Council 1957-68. Mem. of Cabinet 1968-9. Speaker of the House of Assembly 1972-6. C.B.E. 1963, Kt. 1975. Mem.: Bermuda Swimming Team Empire Games 1930; Bermuda Swimming Team Empire Games 1934; Bermuda Swimming Team Olympic Games 1936. m. 1941 Marian Taylor Gurr: 3 s. 1 d. "Three Chimneys', Wellington, St. George's, Bermuda.


1935 WILLIAMS, Donald James (Bermuda and Worcester). b. 26 Apr. 1915. s. of H.J. Williams, building contractor. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch.; Rossall Sch., England; Worcester 1935 (Hil. Term.)-1937 and 1938 (Hil. Term.), Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. 1937, Dipl. Econ. 1938; Relays v. Camb. 1935. Lt., Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps 1939-46. English Coll. of Physical Educ., Denmark 1938-9. Dept. of Educ., Bermuda 1946-71: Organizer of Physical Educ. 1946-50; Inspector of Schs. 1950-6, Dir. of Educ. 1956-71. m. 1938 Mary Katherine Bickford: 2 s. Catlin, Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke, Bermuda

1936 MARRIOTT, Henry Joseph Llewellyn (Bermuda and Brasenose). b. 10 June 1917. s. of H. Marriott, Archdeacon of Bermuda. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch.; Haileybury Coll., England; Brasenose 1936-42, Hon. Meds. 2nd Cl. 1938, Physiol. (War Degree). B.A. 1942, M.A. 1943, B.M., B.Ch. 1944; Vincent's 1937. St. Mary's Hosp., London, England 1942-5. Resident: St. Mary's Hosp. 1944-5; King Edward Memorial Hosp., Bermuda 1945-6. Fellow in Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hosp., Baltimore 1946-7. Univ. of Maryland 1948-62: Instructor in Internal Medicine 1948; Assoc. in Med. 1949-50; Asst. Prof. of Med. 1951-3; Assoc. Prof. of Med. 1953-62. Consulting Practice in Internal Medicine 1949-. Dir. of Med. Educ. and Dir. of Cardiology Centre, Tampa Gen. Hosp., Florida 1962. Dir. of Clinical Research, The Rogers Heart Foundn., St. Petersburg, Florida 1966-. Clinical Prof. of Medicine (Cardiology), Emory Univ. Sch. of Med., Atlanta, Georgia 1966-. St. Anthony's Hosp., St. Petersburg, Florida 1970. Asst. Ed. Annals of Internal Medicine 1951. Editorial Consultant, Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore 1952. Chief of Electrocardiograph Dept., Mercy Hosp. 1956. Fellow: Amer. Coll. of Physicians 1964; Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Cardiology 1965. Publ. Medical Milestones, 1952; Workshop in Electrocardiography, 1972; Practical Electrocardiography, 1954. m. 1. 1942 Doreen Elizabeth McClure (divorced 1951): 1 s.; 2. 1951 Florence Grattan Nicholas: 3 d. St. Anthony's Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida 33705, U.S.A.


1938 PASCHAL, Stanley McColl (Bermuda and Exeter). b. 11 Sept. 1917. s. of S.A. Paschal. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch.; Rossall Sch., England; Exeter 1938-9, Math. Mods. 2nd Cl. 1939, B.A. (War Degree) 1946; Boxing v. Camb. 1939. Capt. D., R.A.; N. Africa, Italy 1939-46. In Military Government, Displaced Persons Branch, Austria 1945-6. The Bank of N.T. Butterfield, Bermuda 1947-: Asst. Trust Officer 1952-62; Dep. Trust Officer 1962-5; Trust Officer 1966-9; Sen. Trust Officer 1970-5. Mgr. (Trusts) Betco, 1976-9. Asst. Gen. Mgr., Planning & Marketing Management Services, 1979-. m. 1942 Evelyn Nesta Proom: 1 s. 1 d. C/O Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda.

1939 TUCKER, Grosvenor Harry St. George (Bermuda and Exeter). b. 17 Sept. 1920. s. of G.H.St.G. Tucker, civil servant. Educ. Saltus Grammer Sch. 1929-36; Rossall Sch. 1936-9; Exeter 1940 (Hil. Term)-1941 and 1946 (Trin. Term)-1947, Read Physics., B.A. 1945, M.A. 1947. F.O., R.A.F., 1941-6. Geophysicist, w. Seismograph Service, Ltd., London and Oscar Weiss, Johannesburg 1947-51. Scientist, Research, Chamber of Mines of S. Africa 1951-72. m. 1948 Audrey Joan Sparkes: 2 s. 2 d. 23 1st Ave, Lambton, Germiston, Transvaal, S. Africa, 1401.

1940 DARRELL, Owen Hartel (Bermuda and Magdalen). b. 16 Mar. 1921. s. of W.O.P. Darrell, businessman and mfrs. agent. Educ. Saltus Grammer Sch.; Cheltenham Coll.; Magdalen 1940 (T.T.)-1947 (M.T.). Hist. (shortened) 3rd Cl. 1941, P.P.E. (shortened) 'B' 2nd Cl. 1947, B.A. and M.A. 1948. Lt., R.N.V.R.; E. Med. 1941-6. Further Study, London, England 1948-9. Market research for Brit. Export Trade Research Organ., London 1949-50. Returned to Bermuda 1951. Insce. Account., Amer. Internat. Co., Bermuda 1951-71. Co. Mgr. & Sec., Michelin Invest. Holding Co. Ltd., Bermuda 1971-. m. 1948 Pamela Nancy Skillington: 3 d. Clamber Up, Spanish Point, Bermuda. P.O. Box 1343, Hamilton, Bermuda.

1941 OUTERBRIDGE, James (Bermuda and Trinity). b. 5 Sept. 1922. Educ. Whitney Inst., Bermuda; Rossall Sch., England; Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into residence. P./O., R.A.F.; M.E.F. 1941-3. Killed, shot while attempting to escape from P.O.W. Camp, Italy, 1 May 1943.

1942 SMITH, Peter James Chalmers (Bermuda and St. Edmund Hall). b. 21 July 1921. s. of Sir Allan C. Smith, Chief Justice. Educ. Warwick Acad. Exeter Sch, England; St. Edmund Hall 1940-2 and 1946 (Trin. Term)-47, Law Mods. 1941, Jurispr. (shortened) 3rd Cl. 1942, B.A. 1946; Called to the Bar, England 1947. 1942-6: R.A.: India; Capt. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1948-. J.P., Bermuda 1948. Solicitor-General, Bermuda 1952-4. Partner, Hallett, Whitney & Patton 1954-69. Private Practice 1969-. Chmn. Fees Cttee., Bermuda Bar Association 1956-. m. 1948 Pamela Joan Allerton: 4 s. 3 d. Heydon Lodge, Somerset Bridge, Bermuda.


1944 LOWE, Robert Charles (Bermuda and St. John's). b. 27 Sept. 1923. s. of R.P. Lowe, Salesman. Educ. Whitney Inst. Sch.: Rossall Sch., England; St. John's 1945-8, Geography 3rd Cl. B.A. 1947. Colonial Service 1947-: Probationer 1947-8; Administration, Nigeria 1949-; Office Supdt., Colonial Secretariat, Bermuda and Clerk to Legislative Council 1957-8; Admin. Officer, Nyasaland 1958-; in Bermuda 1966-. m. 1949 Hazel Gwendolen Evans. Salt Kettle House, Paget 6-10, Bermuda.

1945 MOTYER, Arthur John (Bermuda and Christ Church). b. 15 Dec. 1925. s. of W.E.P. Motyer, building contractor. Educ. Saltus Grammer Sch., Bermuda; Mt. Allison Univ., Canada, B.A.; Univ. of Toronto Graduate Sch.; Christ Church 1946-8 (Mich. Term) English Lang. and Lit. Univ. of Manitoba, Canada, Instructor in English 1949-50. Bishop's Univ., Lennoxville, Dept. of English 1950-70: Lect. 1950-5; Asst. Prof. 1956-60; Assoc. Prof. 1960-4; Prof. and Dir. of Drama 1964-70. Mt. Allison Univ., Sackville 1970-: Purvis Prof. of English 1970-; Assoc. Dean of Faculty of Arts and Science 1970-1; Dean 1971-5; Vice-Pres. (Acad.) 1973-5; Dir. of Drama 1975-. m. 1955 Janet Marion Speid: 1 s. 1 d. Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

1946 CRAWFORD, Thomas Irving (Bermuda and Lincoln). b. 19 Feb. 1924, Methuen, Mass. s. of P.J.S. Crawford, Salesman. Educ. Saltus G.S. Bermuda 1930-40; McGill Univ. 1940-5, M.D.C.M. 1945; Lincoln 1946-7, B.Sc. Physiol. Intern, Royal Victoria Hosp., Montreal 1945-6. Fellow in Surg., Cleveland Clinic Foundn. Hosp. 1947-8; St. Luke's Hosp., Cleveland: Res. in Anesthesiol., 1948-50; Asst. Assoc. Anesthesiol 1950-67; Chief Cardiac Anesthesiol. 1956-7. Fellow Amer. Coll. of Anesthesiol. 1953. Chmn., Dept., of Anesthesiol., Maricopa County Hosp., Phoenix, Arizona 1967-. Citation for Exemplary Services, Maricopa Country Hosp. 1973. Diplomate, Amer. Bd. of Anesthesiol. 1952. Cert. of Appreciation, Arizona State Bd. of Med. Examiners 1969. Pres., Maricopa Country Soc. Anesthesiol. 1976-8. Chief of Staff, Phoenix Mem. Hosp. 1978-. m. 1950 Mary Louise Burckart: 2 s. 1 d. 4642 Alta Hacienda Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 83018, U.S.A.

1946 MISICK, Michael Courage (Bermuda and Brasenose). b. 19 April 1927, Somerset Bridge, Bermuda. Educ. Saltus G.S. Bermuda 1936-42; Ampleforth Coll., Yorks, England, 1942-5; Brasenose 1946-9; 3rd Cl. Hist. 1949; Col. Serv. Cadets Course Oxford 1949. R.C.N.V.R. 1945. Col. Serv., Admin. Officer: Nigeria 1951; Bermuda 1954-. m. 1956 Gretchen Lou Schaefer. 1 s. 1 d. Point House, Somerset Bridge, Bermuda.


1948 BARNARD, Ronald Leslie (Bermuda and Brasenose). b. 24 Dec. 1927, Paget East, Bermuda. s. of L.C. Barnard, Comsn. Agent. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1933-44; McGill Univ., Canada 1944-8, B.Sc. 1948; Brasenose 1948-51, Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1951; Ice-hockey for Univ. 1949-51. Reading for Bar, London 1951-2. Called to bar 1952. Admitted to Bermuda Bar 1953. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1953-. m. 1954 Katherine Joan Dolin: 2 s. Whichwood, Highwood Property, Paget, Bermuda.

1949 BUTTERFIELD, Harry Chester (Bermuda and University). b. 19 Oct. 1927, Bermuda. s. of (Sir) H.D. Butterfield, (Bermuda and University, 1917). Educ. Saltus G.S. 1934-40; Trinity Coll. Sch., Port Hope, Ontario 1940-5; McGill Univ. 1945-8, B.A. 1948; Middle Temple, London 1948-9; University 1949-52, and Cl. Jurispr. 1952; Ice-Hockey for Univ. 1952; Ralegh Club; O.U.A.S. 1949-52: P/O R.A.F.V.R. Lt, Reserve, Canadian O.T.C. 1947-8. Reading for Bar, London 1952. Called to Bar (Middle Temple) 1953. Banking, N. T. Butterfield & Son, Ltd. Bermuda 1953: Asst. Trust Officer 1961-2; Asst. Man. 1962-9. Chmn. Governing Body, Saltus G.S. 1965-. Mem: Race Relations Advisory Council 1966-76. Practice of Law 1969. Admitted to Bar, Bermuda 1970. Sec., Bermuda R.S. Selection Cttee. 1959-. Chmn., Bermdua Internat. Business Assocn. 1976-8. m. 1961 Laura Guitton Strong: 3 d. 'Halcyon', Pembroke, Bermuda.

1950 SEYMOUR, Basil Peter (Bermuda and Christ Church). b. 16 Dec. 1928, Hamilton Bermuda. s. of B.S. Seymour, chrt. mechan. engr. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1935-45; Charterhouse Sch., 1945-7; Christ Church 1950-3, Mod. Lang. (French) 3rd Cl. 1953. Assoc. Prof. of French, Dept. of Romance Lang., Kenyon Coll. 1963-. Chmn.,. Cttee. on Finan. Aid, Kenyon 1969-. m. Nellette M. Murgatroyd: 1 s. 2 d. Box 327, Gambier, Ohio 43022, U.S.A.

1951 COX, William Milner (Bermuda and Corpus Christi). b. 21 Dec. 1928, Paget, Bermuda. s. of Sir J. W. Cox, merchant. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. Pembroke, Bermuda 1934-43; Trinity Coll. Sch. Port Hope, Ontario 1943-7; Trinity Coll., Univ. of Toronto 1947-51, B.A. 1951; Corpus Christi 1951-3, 2nd Cl. jurispr. 1953. Called to the Bar in England 1965. Called to Bermuda Bar 1956. Bank of Bermuda Ltd. 1955-65. Practice of Law, Bermuda 1965. Mem., Bermuda Parliament 1968-76 and 1980-. Parliamentary Sec. for Educ. 1969. Partner in Cox & Wilkinson 1971. m. 1959 Janine F.E. Gawne: 1 s. 2 d. Mayflower, Devonshire, Bermuda.

1952 GILBERT, David Stanford (Bermuda and Brasenose). b. 12 Sept. 1933, Kingston, Surrey. s. of C.G.G. Gilbert (Bermuda and Brasenose 1913). Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1942-7; Stowe 1947-52; Brasenose 1952-6, B.A. 2nd Cl. Hist. 1956. Nat. Serv. 1956-8. Sub-Lt., R.N.V.R. 1957-8. Gillette Industr.: Commercial Trainee 1958-9; Buyer 1959-62; Asst. to Advertising Mgr. 1962-3. Investment Analyst: Laing & Cruickshank, stockbrokers 1963-5; Spencer Thornton & Co. 1966-7; Govett, Sons & Co. 1967-70. Dir., Southern Hydrofoils 1969-70. Research Mgr., G. T. Manage Ltd. 1970-4. Indvestment Consult., David Gilbert and Co. 1974-. m. Lucinda Catherine Burn: 1 s. 2 d. Pinehanger, Glebe Lane, Tilford, near Farnham, Surrey, England.

1953 COLLIS, Charles Theodore Miller (Bermuda and Corpus Christi). b. 23 Sept. 1932, Paget, Bermuda. s. of C. T. Collis, comsn. merchant. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1940-9; Dalhousie Univ. 1949-51, 1952-3; McGill Univ. 1951-2, B. Com. 1953; Corpus Christi 1953-5, Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1955; Dolphins. Called to the Bar, Middle Temple 1956 and Bermuda 1956. Barrister at Law 1956-, Partner in firm since 1962. Treatment of Offenders Comsner., Isls. of Bermuda 1961. Mem., Development Applications Bd. 1965-79. 1966. Trustee, Saltus Gr. Sch. 1967. Dir., Bank of Bermuda 1970-. m. 1957 Joy Margaret Sutherland Ross: 3 s. Green Hill, Middle Road, Devonshire, Bermuda.

1954 PEARMAN, Richard Shafto Love (Bermuda and Merton). b. 20 Sept. 1934, Hamilton. S. of J.E. Pearman, barrister. Educ. Stowe Sch., Bucks. 1948-53; Merton 1953-4, Read for Law Mods.; Golf v. Camb. 1954. Called to the Bar (Middle Temple) 1959. Practice of Law, Hamilton, Bermuda 1959-. m. 1. Louise Clark (divorced 1967): 2 d.; 2. 1970 Jean Hamilton: 1 s. Callithea, Paget East, Bermuda.

1955 HARVEY, Eugene (Bermuda and St. Jonn's). b. 27 April 1936, Bermuda. s. of E. Harvey (Bermuda and Merton 1923) doctor. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1944-9; Stowe 1949-54; St. John's 1955-8, Physiol. 3rd Cl. 1958; Sailed for Univ. 1956, 1958; Cont. at Oxford 1958-9. Student, Middlesex Hosp. 1959-62. Doctor, Middlesex Hosp. 1962-. Doctor in Bermuda 1971-. Fisherman's Acre, Hungry Bay, Paget, Bermuda.

1956 WRIGHT, Joseph Willoughby Vaughan (Bermuda and St. Edmund Hall). b. 29 Dec. 1934, Bermuda. s. of W.H. Wright, Fisherman. Educ. Warwick Acad. 1940-52; Dulwich Coll. 1953-4; St. Edmund Hall 1954 (Scholp. antedated to 1955), Read Jurispr. Student in accounts, Raymond O'Leary & Co., Hamilton, Bermuda. m. 1967 Marion Joan Aaron. P.O. Box 77, Hamilton, Bermuda.

1957 STUBBS, John Doehn (Bermuda and Trinity). b. 18 Dec. 1932, Bermuda. s. of J.A. Stubbs, clerk. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1945-9; McGill Univ. 1949-56, B.Sc. 1956, M.D., C.M. 1956,; Trinity 1957-60, Research for B.Sc. Med. Pract. 1956-7. McGill Univ. 1960-2. Radcliffe Infirm., cont. research 1962-3. B.Sc. 1963. Res., Montreal Gen. Hosp. 1963-4. Surg. and Consult to the King Edward VIII Hosp., Bermuda 1964. Elected, Mem., Colonial Parliament, Bermuda 1968-. Minister, Planning, Housing and Environment 1980-. Sloan Fellow at M.I.T.'s Sloan Sch. of Manage. 1970-1 M.Sc. Fellow, Royal Coll. of Surg. (Canada) 1964. Diplomate, Amer. Bd. of Surg. (Gen. Surg.) 1966. m. 1960 Marion Thomson: 3 s. 1 d. Woodbourne Hall, Gorham Road, Pembroke, Bermuda.

1958 WILLIAMS, Francis Ian Bickford (Bermuda and Wadham). b. 30 Apr. 1939, Panama Canal Zone. s. of D.J. Williams (Bermuda and Worcester 1935), Dir. of Educ., Bermuda. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1946-55; McGill Univ. 1955-8, B.Sc. 1959; Wadham 1958-61, Read Nat. Scns. (Physics), Spl. subject passed 1959, D. Phil. 1961; Centipedes. Physics Research, Univ. of Liege, Belgium 1961-3. C.I.B.A. Fellowship. N.A.T.O. Fellowship 1962. Jun. Research Fellow, Univ. Coll., Oxford. A.E.I. Research Fellow, Clarendon Lab. 1963-6. Mem. of research staff, Bell Telephone Labs., New Jersey 1966-8. Foreign research assoc., Paris 1968-72. Research Physicist, Solid State Physics Div., Inst. for Fundamental Research of the Atomic Energy Comsn. 1972-. m. 1962 Claudine Dorlet: 1 s. 1 d. 9 Rue de la Dimancherie, 91400 Orsay, Paris, France.

1959 CURTIS, Colin Mackenzie (Bermuda and Queen's). b. 29 July 1937, Bermuda. s. of P.A. Curtis, author. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1947-51; Gov. Dummer Acad. 1951-5; Harvard Univ. 1955-7; Queen's 1958-60, Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1961, M.A. 1966. Asst. Trust Officer, Hamilton Nat. Bank, Chattanooga Tennessee 1966-8. Interstate Life and Accident Insce. Co. 1968; Asst. Vice-Pres. and Securities Officer 1974-. m. 1964 Margaret Austin Johnson: 3 d. 319 Park Rod, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 37350, U.S.A.

1960 MACKY, Peter Wallace (Bermuda and Jesus).b.22 July 1937, Auckland N.Z. s. of W.A. Macky, Prof. of Physics. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1946-51; The Hill Sch., Pottstown, U.S.A. 1952-3; Harvard Univ. 1953-7, A.B. 1957; Univ. of Calif. 1958-9; Princeton Theol. Seminary 1959-60; Jesus 1960-62, Theol. 2nd Cl. 1962, M.A. 1967, D. Phil. 1967; Swimming and Water-Polo for Oxford; Dolphins. Student, Princeton Theol. Seminary 1962-3. B.D. 1963. Teaching Fellow in N. Testament Studies, Princeton, working for Th.D. 1963-4. Instr. at Princeton 1964. Studying it Oxford on Rockefeller Doctoral Fellowship 1965-7. hh.D. (Princeton) 1970. Asst. Prof. of Religion and Philos., Westminster Coll., New Wilmington 1970-. Publ. Bible in Dialogue with Modern Man, 1970- Violence: Right or Wrong, 1973; Violence in Biblical and Christian Perspective, 1976. m. 1961 Nancy Ann Space: I.s. R.D. O, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania 16142, U.S.A.


1962 LINES, Roland Arnold Grenville (Bermuda and Brasenose).b.5 Dec. 1939, Bermuda. s. of R.T.J. Lines, managing dir. of insce. co. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1948-56; Dalhousie Univ. 1957-62, B.Sc. 1961, M. Sc. 1962; Brasenose 1962-5, B.Sc. 1965. Deputy Mgr., Computer Services, Bank of Bermuda 1976-. m. 1964 Marian Huggard. Oberon, Point Finger Road, Paget, Bermuda.

1963 BUTTERFIELD, G.D.B. (resigned)

1964 HODGSON, Arthur David Outerbridge (Bermuda and St. Peter's).b.25 Feb. 1940, Bermuda. s. of H.G. Hodgson, grocer, Educ. Berkeley Inst. 1952-6; Michigan State Univ. 1957-62, B.A. 1962; St. Peter's 1964-6, P.P.E. 3rd C. 1966. Teacher 1962-4, 1966-68, 1974-80. M.P. 1968-72. Building Contractor 1968-. M.P. 1980-. Crawl, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda.

1965 CHIAPPA, Keith Henry (Bermuda and Jesus).b.27 Mar. 1943, Hamilton, Bermuda. s. of J.P. Chiappa, account. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1950-60; Phillips Andover Acad. 1960-2; Harvard Univ. 1962-5, B.A. 1965; Jesus 1965-7, Read for 1st B.M. Harvard Med. Sch. 1967-9. M.D. 1969. Freshman Proctor and Advisor, Harvard 1968-9. Intern, Boston City Hosp. 1969-70. Res. in Neurol., Mass. Gen. Hosp. 1970. Clin. Teaching Fellow in Neurol. Harvard Med. Sch.; Tutor, Kirkland House, Harvard Univ. 1970-3. Pre-Med. Adviser 1974-. Kirkland H-31, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1966 BREWER, Martin Stanley (Bermuda and St. Edmund Hall).b.26 Mar. 1944, Woking, Surrey, England. s. of D.S. Brewer, control engr. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1952-66; Univ. of Newcastle-on-Tyne 1962-6, B. Sc. 1966; St. Edmund Hall 1966-9, D. Phil. (Geol.) 1970. Sci. Asst., Research in Rb-Sr Geochronol., Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany 1970-. m. 1968 Prudence Cooper. 3001 Bay Vista Avenue, Tampa, Florida 3361, U.S.A.

1967 ZUILL, Eldon Edmund Eugenius (Bermuda and Merton).b.19 May 1943, Bermuda. s. of E.E. Zuill, Telephone Sec. and Treas. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1951-60; Trinity Coll. Sch. 1960-2; Univ. of Guelph, Ontario 1962-6, B.Sc.; Utah State Univ. 1966-7; Merton 1967-70, D. Phil. Zool. 1971; Vincent's; Dipl.Ed., Oxford 1970-1. Teaching, Loretto Sch., Musselburgh, Scotland 1971. Asst. Sci. Tutor, Multi. Media Resource Centre, Kennaway, Fife 1973-4. Biol., Kirkcaldy H.S., Fife 1974-7. Principal Teacher of Biol.: Linlathen H.S., Dundee, Tayside 1977-80; Glenwood H.S. Glenrothes, Fife 1980-. Chmn. Assoc. for Sci. Educ. (Scottish Reg.) 1980-I. Mem. Scottish Central Cttee of Sci. 1978-. 10 Church Place, Upper Largo, Fife, Scotland.

1968 PERINCHIEF, Peter Norton (Bermuda and Balliol).b.3 Oct. 1944, Cambridge, Mass. s. of S.L. Perinchief, Dir., Fishing Information. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1953-6; Warwick Acad. 1957-63; McGill Univ. 1963-8, B. Sc. 1967; Balliol 1968-71, Physiol. 1st Cl. 1970; McGill Univ. Med. Sch. 1971-4. Univ of Colorado: Paediatric Resident 1974-; Research Fellow 1977-. 1320 Grape Street, Denver, Colorado 80330, U.S.A.

1969 ANDREWS, William Thomas (Bermuda and St. Edmund Hall).b.13 Jan 1949, Bermuda. s. of W.R. Andrews mgr dir of wine and spirits firm. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda 1957-66; Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, England 1966-9, B.Sc. 1969; St. Edmund Hall 1969-72, D. Phil. Physics 1972. m. Margaret Dawn. 1035 E. Castleton Terrace, Sunnyvale, California 94087, U.S.A.


1971 DALE, Robert Howard Ingleby (Bermuda and Corpus Christi).b.23 Sept. 1950, Montreal. s. of H.I. Dale, insce. vice-president and treasurer. educ. Saltus G.S. 1957-67; McGill Univ. 1967-71; Corpus Christi 1971, Experimental Psychol., B.A. 2nd Cl. 1973; Postgrad. student, Univ. of Dalhousie 1973 -. Millbrook Fairylands, Pembroke, Bermuda.

1972 ROBINSON, Kenneth Edward (Bermuda and Brasenose).b.21 Mar. 1950, Paget, Bermuda.s. of Dr. K.E. Robinson, Chief Education Officer, Bermuda. Educ. Francis Patton Sch. 1955-60; Berkeley Inst., Pembroke, Bermuda 1961-7; Pierson Coll Yale 1967-72, B.Sc. Biol. 1971; Brasenose 1972-4, B.A. 3rd Cl. 1974. Called to Bar 1976. Legal Pupillage Middle Temple 1977-. m. 1974 Jo Carol Evans. I.s. P.O. Box 1208, Hamilton 5, Bermuda.

1973 PATTON, George D'Argavel (Bermuda and Hertford).b.18 Oct. 1948. s. of J.M. Stevenson, barrister. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda 1953-67; Univ.of Guelph, Ontario 1967-71, B.A. 1967, M.Sc. 1974; Hertford 1973-, Read M.Sc. Geol. Public Relations Officer, Ontario Min. of Northern Affairs 1980-. Apt.6, 2 Prospect Street, Toronto M4X1C6, Canada.

1974 GIBBONS, Edmund Graham (Bermuda and Queen's).b.3 July 1952. s. of E.G. Gibbons, merchant and mayor of Bermuda. Educ. Phillips Aca. 1966-70; Brown Univ., Rhode Island 1970-4, B.Sc. 1974; Queen's 1974-6, P.P.E.. 2nd Cl. 1976. Ph.D. Student in Organic Chem., Harvard Univ. 1976-81. Ph.D. 1981, Teaching Fellow 1976-9. House tutor, N. House, Radcliffe 1977-80. Trustee and Mem. of Corpn. Brown Univ. 1978-. Dept. of Chemistry, Harvard University, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, U.S.A.

1975 CLIPPER, Jonathan Champness (Bermuda and Trinity).b.28 Oct. 1952. s. of F.W. Clipper, chief station agent, Air Canada in Bermuda. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda until 1966; Haileybury Coll., Herts. 1966-70; York Univ. 1971-4; Manchester Univ. (Business Sch.) 1974-5; B.A.(Hons) and Dipl. in Business Admin.; Trinity 1975-7, B.Phil. in Manage. Studies 1977. Accounts Officer, Chem. Bank, London 1977-9. w. Chase Manhattan Bank,. London. 1979-. m. 1977 Jane Mairi MacDonald. 18 The Avenue, Rayners Lane, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5BL, England.

1976 LANCASTER, Timothy Ross (Bermuda and Corpus Christi).b.21 Mar. 1956. s. of J. Lancaster, insce. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda 1968-9; Stowe Sch., Bucks. 1969-75; Corpus Christi 1974-7 (Scholp. back-dated), English 1st Cl. Guy's Hosp., London 1977-. c/o Jack Lancaster, C.V. Starr & Co., Incorp., 70 Pine St., New York 10270, U.S.A.

1977 FLEMING, David Charles Graeme (Bermuda and Corpus Christi).b.20 Oct. 1952. s. of I.N. Fleming, chart. account. Educ. Warwick Acad., Bermuda 1962-9; United World Coll. of the Atlantic, Wales 1969-71; Acad. 6th Form Centre, Bermuda 1971; Inst. of Archaeol., Univ. of London 1972-6; Sch. of Oriental and African Studies, London Univ. 1976-7, B.A. 1976, M.A. 1977; Corpus Christi 1977-82, D. Phil in Oriental Stud. 1982 (conferred March 1983); Johnson Grad. Sch. Management, Cornell Univ., 1985-87, M.B.A. 1987. Associate, Corp. Finance, Wood Gundy Ltd., London and Montreal, 1982-84; Staff Accountant, Cooper & Lines, Hamilton, Bermuda, 1984-85; Asst. Treasurer, Swiss Bank Corp., New York, 1987-90; Editor and French-to-English translator, Taylor Rafferty Associates, New York, 1990-91; Senr. Vice President and Latin America Economies and Markets Analyst, Daiwa Institute of Research America, New York, 1991-99; Vice President and Supervisory Analyst, Global Investment Research Div., Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York 1999-present. Publ. articles in scholarly journals. m. 1990 Monica Anne-Theresa Barnes. 377 Rector Place, Apt 3C, New York, NY 10280, USA.

1978 HUTCHINGS, William Preston (Bermuda and Christ Church).b.26 March 1956, New York, N.Y. s. of C.H.F. Hutchings, pres. and mng. dir. Educ. Brooks Sch., No. ANdover, Mass. 1970-4; Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N.T. 1974-8, B.A. 1978; Christ Church 1978-81, Law; Lacrosse v. Camb. 1980; Vincent's. Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. 1981-. Morgan Guaranty, 23 Wall Street, New York, N.T. 10015, U.S.A.

1979 COLLIS, John Charles Ross (Bermuda and Corpus Christi).b.9 June, 1958 Bermuda. s. of C.T.M. Collis (Bermuda & Corpus 1953). Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1969-74; Rugby Sch. (England) 1974-6; McGill Univ. 1976-9, B. Com. 1979; Corpus Christi 1979-81 , Reading Jurispr. Greenhill, Middle Road, Devonshire, Bermuda.


1981 LANCASTER, Guy N. (Bermuda and Corpus Christi). To read English.

1982 CABRAL, Warren (Bermuda and St. Edmund Hall) b. 1 December, 1960, Bermuda. s. of Mr & Mrs Raynold Cabral. Educ. Saltus Gr Sch. (Bermuda) 1965-76; Upper Canada College (Canada) 1976-79; McGill Univ., Montreal (Canada) 1979-82. BA Jurisprudence.

1983 KEYES, James Michael (Bermuda and Hertford) b. 12 May 1963, Bermuda s. of Mr & Mrs Michael Keyes, Pembroke. Educ. Saltus Gr Sch. (Bermuda) 1974-76; Oundle, Peterborough (England) 1976-81; Oxford Univeristy; College of Law 1986-88

1984 HANKEY, Steven James (Bermuda and St. John's) b. 20 July, 1962, Bermuda s. of Mr & Mrs Maurice Hankey, Warwick. Educ. Saltus Gr Sch (Bermuda) 1967-73; Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1973-78; Atlantic College (Wales) 1978-80; Queen's University (Ontario) 1980-84. B.A. Jurisprudence.

1985 BROCK, Malcolm Vernon (Bermuda and St. Antony's) b. 27 February, 1964 Bermuda. s. of Mr & Mrs Mansfield H. Brock, Pembroke. Educ. Bermuda College (Bermuda) 1981-82; Princeton University (New Jersey) 1982-85.

1986 WHALEY, Anthony (Bermuda and Brasenose) b. 10 October, 1964 Bermuda. s. of Mr & Mrs Anthony R. Whaley. Educ. Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1975-80; Bermuda College 1980-82; Univ of Kent (England) 1982-1985; Consul of Legal Educ. (England) 1985-1988. BCL

1987 ROBINSON, Emma (Bermuda and St. Catherine's) b. 22 June 1966 d. of Mr & Mrs A.T. Robinson, Hamilton Parish Educ Bermuda Institute (Bermuda) 1976-81; Bermuda College (Bermuda) 1981-82; Bryn Mawr College (Wales) 1983-86. M.Sc. in Pharmacology

1988 CASH, David S (Bermuda and St John's) b.11 March, 1965 Bermuda. s. of Mr John & Mrs Pamela G. Cash. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch.(Bermuda) 1972-75; Caldicott Sch. (England) 1975-78; Radley Coll. (England) 1979-83; Univ of Waterloo (Canada) 1983-88. MSc in Applied Statistics

1989 SOARES, Jay Jay (Bermuda and Lady Margaret Hall) b. 3 January, 1966 s. of Mr & Mrs John Soares of Bailey's Bay. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch. 1971-83; Mount Allison Univ, New Brunswick (USA) 1983-84; McGill Univ (Montreal) 1984-88 - BA Sci w/ first class honours, 1988.

1990 STUBBS, David Alexander (Bermuda and New College) b. 11 November, 1967, Bermuda. s. Dr J. & Mrs M. Stubbs. Educ. Saltus Gr. Sch (Bermuda) 1972-78; Fessenden Sch (Mass) 1978-81; St Pauls Sch (New Hampshire) 1981-85; Alliance Francaise (Paris) 1985-86; Brown University (Rhode Island) 1986-90. M.Phil Russian and East European Studies

1991 HORSEMAN, Juliana M (Bermuda and St John) b. 17 September, 1967, Bermuda. d. of Mr Tommy and Mrs Julia Horseman. Educ. Mount St Agnes (Bermuda) 1972-79; Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1979-84; The Taft School (Connecticut) 1984-85; Stanford University (California) 1985-89; Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Paris) 1986-1987; UCLA (California) 1990-1991. To read BA Jurisprudence (law).

1992 DRAYCOTT, Simon C (Bermuda and St Johns) b. 14 October, 1972, Bermuda. s. of T. Draycott. Educ. Saltus Gr Sch (Bermuda) 1979-89; Sevenoaks Sch (UK) 1989/91. To read Experimental Psychology

1993 BERMINGHAM, Emma (Bermuda and Merton) b. 24 September, 1970, Bermuda. d. of Mr & Mrs A. Bermingham, Warwick. Educ. Warwick Academy 1982-87; Bermuda College 1987-88; Brown University (Rhode Island) 1988-92. BA Jurisprudence. 1995.m. Jose Lopez

1994 STOREY, Christina E (Bermuda and Corpus Christi) b. 8 May, 1970, Montreal, Canada. d. of Mr D and Mrs E Storey, Sandys. Educ. Bermuda High Sch (Bermuda) 1975-80; Millfield Sch (England) 1980-86; Phillips Exeter Academy, (New Hmpshre) 1986-88; Harvard University (Mass) 1989-93. To read M.Ltrs. Hist / Mod Lang.

1995 HUBBARD, Katherine F (Bermuda and Magdalen) b. 26th September, 1971, England. d. of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Hubbard, Southampton. Educ. Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1983-88; Loughborough College (England) 1988-89; University of Newcastle (England) 1989-94. To read p.r.s. in Social & Community Medicine.


1997 PITMAN, Rebecca (Bermuda and Worcester) b.12th November, 1973, Bermuda. d. of Mr and Mrs Gary Pitman, Warwick. Educ. Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1985-90; UWC (NM, USA) 1990-92; Queen's University (Canada) 1992-96; Indiana University (Bermuda) 1996-97. To read M.Sc in Sociology

1998 SINGLETON, Colm (Bermuda and New College) b.20th March, 1976, Bermuda. s. of Mr and Mrs Derek Singleton, Southampton. Educ. Saltus Grammar (Bermuda) 1980-91; Hotchkiss, (Conn, USA) 1991-94; Princeton Univ, (NJ, USA) 1994-98. To read for a BA in jurisprudence.

1999 TERCEIRA, Nicola (Bermuda and Trinity) b.4th Dec. 1977, Bermuda. d.of Mr and Mrs Ronald Terceira, Paget. Educ. Mount Saint Agnes School (Bermuda) 1982-95; Hotchkiss, (Conn, USA) Summer, 1993; McGill Univ, (Montreal, Canada) 1995-99. 
To read for a MSc in Epidemiology.

2000 PACHECO, Nicholas M (Bermuda and Christ Church) b.23rd Oct. 1978, Bermuda. s. of John L and Deborah S. Pacheco, Smiths, Bermuda. Educ Mount Saint Agnes Academy (Bermuda) 1983-96; Queen's Univ. (Ontario, Canada) 1996-2000. To read for Integrated Bioscience


2002 LEITCH, Trevor J (Bermuda and Wadham)  b. 22nd Jan. 1980, N.J. U.S.A. s. of James and Donna Leitch, Sandy's, Bermuda. Educ Saltus Grammar School (Bermuda) 1992-1998; Princeton Univ. (N.J. U.S.A.) 1998-2002. To read for PPE.

2003 HERRING, Fiona E (Bermuda and Brasenose) b.28th Nov, 1980, Paget, Bermuda d. of Lionel and Sheila Herring, Warwick, Bermuda.  Educ Port Royal School (Bermuda) 1985-1992; Saltus Grammar School (Bermuda) 1992-1998; Dartmouth College (USA) 1998-2002; London School of Economics (UK) 2002-2003. To read for a DPhil in Management Studies.

2004 FERREIRA, David C R (Bermuda and Oxford Brookes) b. 28th Aug, 1981, Paget, Bermuda s. of Alvin T and Pamela Ferreira, Paget, Bermuda.  Educ Saltus Cavendish (Bermuda) 1985-1988; Saltus Junior School (Bermuda) 1988-1990; Cothill House (UK) 1990-1995; Eton College (UK) 1995-2000; University Of Pennsylvania (USA) 2000-2004. To read for a BA in Jurisprudence.

2005 MURPHY, Tucker (Bermuda and Merton) b. 21st Oct, 1981, Dallas, Texas, USA (Bermudian) s. of L Michael & Lucy E T Murphy, Paget, Bermuda. Educ: Saltus Grammar School (Bermuda) 1986-1995; St Paul's School, NH, USA 1995-1999; Dartmouth College, NH, USA 2000-2004.  To read for an MSc in Biology (Integrative Science) in the Department of Zoology.

2006 BUTLER, Jay A H (Bermuda and Exeter) b. 1st June, 1983, Paget, Bermuda s. Mr Dale Butler & Dr June Hill, Paget, Bermuda. Educ: Gilbert Institute (Bermuda) 1988-1995; Warwick Academy (Bermuda) 1995-2000; United World College Of The Atlantic (Wales) 2000-2002; Harvard University (MA, USA) 2002-2006.  To read for a BA in Jurisprudence.

2007 HUNTER, Christie Anne Kemp  (Bermuda and Keble/Lincoln).b. 26th December, 1984, Bermuda  d. Mr Scott Hunter & Dr Janet Kemp, Sandys, Bermuda.  Educ: Bermuda High School (Bermuda) 1989-2001; Saltus Senior Year (Bermuda) 2001-2002; Brown University (USA) 2002-2006. To read for a MSt in Women's Studies

2008 RANCE, D.A. Edward    (Bermuda and Wolfson) b. 16 September, 1986, Bermuda  s. Mary & Allan Rance, Bermuda. Educ:  Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda 1995-2003; Sevenoaks School, England 2003-2005; University Of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam College, England 2005-2008.  To read for a MSc in Contemporary India.

2009 HALL, Lucy Catherine (Bermuda and University) b. 30 September, 1987, Bermuda. d. Adrian & Susan Hall, Flatts, Bermuda. Educ: Bermuda High School for Girls, Bermuda 1992-1996; Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda 1996-1999; Cheltenham Ladies' College, England 1999-2006; University of Warwick, England 2006-2009. To read for MSt in English Literature (1551-1780).

2010 SMITH, Michèle Helene Blair  (Bermuda and Pembroke) b. 14 October, 1987, Bermuda.  d. Mark Smith & Mariette Savoie, Paget, Bermuda.  Educ: Bermuda High School for Girls, Bermuda 1996 - 2006; McGill University, Montreal, Canada 2006 - 2010.  To read for a BA in jurisprudence.


2012  GABRIEL, M. Alisha    (Bermuda and Hertford) b. 1 April 1988  d. Charlene Gabriel, Paget, Bermuda. Educ: Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Bermuda; The Home Education Academy, Bermuda; Bermuda High School, Bermuda; Academie Ste Cecile International High School, Ontario, Canada; Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland 2008 - 2012.  To read for an MSc by research in Public Health.

2013    GARDNER, Eleanor S.    (Bermuda and Hertford) b. 20 February 1991 d. John & Judy Gardner, Smiths, Bermuda. Educ: Bermuda High School, Bermuda 1996 - 2009; Johns Hopkins University, USA 2009 - 2013. To read for a MSc in Comparative Social Policy.

2014    AHAD, Aliyyah (Bermuda and St Hilda's) b. 27 November 1990 d. Abdallah & Ameenah Ahad, Sandys, Bermuda. Educ: Bermuda High School, Bermuda 2001 - 2008; University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2008 - 2012; Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France 2010 - 2011. To read for a MSc in Migration Studies.

2015    BORDER, Rowan James    (Bermuda and Lincoln) b. 13 December 1992 s. Karen & Alistair Border, Warwick, Bermuda. Education: Gilbert Institute, Bermuda 1997 - 2002; Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda 2002 - 2008; Sevenoaks School, UK 2008 - 2010; University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 2011 - 2015. To read for a DPhil at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines & Systems with the Department of Engineering Science and the Department of Computer Science.

2016    BARTON, S. Nicholas    (Bermuda and University) b. 15 January 1994 s. Beverley & Stephen Barton, Smith's, Bermuda. Education: Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda 1999 - 2012; Princeton University, USA 2012 - 2016; Imperial College, London, UK 2016 - 2017. To read for the MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing.

2017    MERRITT, Peter H.    (Bermuda and University) b. 14 January 1994 s. Patricia Merritt of Paget and Martin Merritt of Hamilton, Bermuda. Education: Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda 1999 - 2005; Gilman School, Maryland, USA 2005 - 2012; Yale University, USA 2012 - 2016. To read for the MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government).

2018    COLLINS, Deirdre J.    (Bermuda and Hertford) b. 26 December 1995 d. Michael and Nancy Collins of St Georges Parish, Bermuda. Education: Bermuda High School, Bermuda 2000 - 2009; St. Paul's School, New Hampshire, USA 2009 - 2013; Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA 2013 - 2017; Sciences Politiques, Lyon, France 2015. To read for the MPhil Environmental Change & Management.

2019    STONE, Isabelle    (Bermuda and ..) b. 1 March 1996 d. Iand and Michelle of Paget Parish, Bermuda. Education: Bermuda High School, Bermuda 2004 - 2014; Boston College, Massachusetts, USA 2014 - 2018; University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain 2016. To read for the MPhil Environmental Change & Management.

John C.R. Collis
Secretary of the Selection Committee
Bermuda Rhodes Scholarship